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ReCreate YourSelf: Become a Quantum Human and Live in True Freedom

is a downloadable video course composed of 7 modules designed as a class to teach you truths that will lead you to improve your life and provide the tools you need to implement guaranteed changes.

When you are living in a “fight or flight” type of existence, which means you don’t feel safe or capable, or don’t have time to feel connected, it is impossible to access your natural abilities, your inner truth, and your brilliance.

Due to the current circumstances of the world and the pandemic, many people are extremely stressed. However, the teachings offered in the ReCreate YourSelf series is on the leading edge of preparing you for a new way of being that brings your true freedom.

These modules provide profound solutions that are tried and true, and they work. You will experience reduced anxiety and depression, increased energy and vitality, faster healing, the ability to focus, improved sleep, enhanced flow and ease in your day-to-day activities, inner balance, clarity in your thoughts, and more joy for your amazing, wondrous life!  Not bad, eh? You can watch each of the modules as many times as you need to really absorb the content.

After dedicating my life to being in service, what I have discovered is simple. The driving force behind human behavior and the need to heal is the inherent need to be valued. I refer to this as the Call to Love.

It has become obvious that something in our lives, in our world, is missing. You see this in people wanting, longing for something more, and then not being satisfied when they get it. Traditional self-help solutions lack an understanding of our inherent human-ness and approach things from the head instead of the heart. I had to think outside the box. We are more than flesh and blood, we are more than our minds. We are radiant, magnificent energy systems that require maintenance in order to thrive.

Healing is not a process that happens in the mind; it is an energetic transformation that is felt in the heart.