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The call for deep inner work is the absolute answer in how to manage your life in a powerful and empowered way in today’s world.

As you are aware, our world is undergoing a radical transformation. As a healer, I am inundated with distress calls from people who are attempting to manage the extreme losses that feel all-encompassing in many people’s lives. People are crying out for change: change in the world, in the economy, in the environment and mostly in their own personal situations. What I have found is, developing a different perspective about yourself and about what is happening will catapult you into an arena of energetic immunity, health, and well being.

My goal, along with my colleague Karen Hefner, is to offer a service to help you during these times. We are here to give you a perspective that will empower you beyond your wildest imagination. This testimonial says it all:

I went from devastation and contemplating leaving the Earth, to a place of gratitude, empowerment, and excitement about my new life. Words do not express the thankfulness I hold for the material in this course and how it has changed my life. Actually given me life! ~ Betta Horn

Join us for this online course with periodic, live Q&A offerings, as we explore together how to:

We created this offering to help people access their unlimited self… their quantum self.

Shift into an evolved perspective of who you actually are

Let go of the limitations that have bound you into smallness

Embody your magnificence and experience abiding joy

The energy generated with this shift creates a quantum frequency field that is available to all that tap into it. There are extraordinary possibilities put into motion! Let's capitalize on this together.

Register to Begin Your Journey

In this class you will:

This evergreen course contains seven modules: 

  • Balance Your Brain: Become a Whole Brained Person
  • Utilizing the Right Brain: Imagination as a Superpower
  • See Between the Worlds: Resistance, Belief, Wholeness, Presence
  • Parallel Realities: Access Multiple Dimensions
  • The Mandela Effect: What is Real?
  • Become Aware: Change Habits and Recognize Markers
  • Access Versions of Self: Who Do You Want to Be?
Join people from all over the world and discover the possibilities and potentials of ReCreating YourSelf.
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ReCreate YourSelf: Brain Dynamics: How to See Between the Worlds

An Online Video: ReCreate YourSelf: Brain Dynamics: How to See Between the Worlds

You will have access to download the teaching video, which contains 7 modules prior to the Live Online sessions. You will find all the information you need in these engaging pre-recorded course videos that you can watch on-demand and at your own convenience.

Practices and Enrichment Activities

Included with your Video are pdf documents outlining activities and opportunities for deepening your experience and understanding of the topics. You can refer to this during our Weekly Live Discussions.

7 Weekly Live 60-Minute Q&A Sessions to Share and Ask Questions Facilitated by Jan Engels-Smith and Karen Hefner

Multiple times each year you will be offered the opportunity to listen to Jan and Karen highlight the concepts and embellish the content of each Weekly Video with stories and personal experiences. There will be plenty of time for sharing and to ask questions.


Video and Audio recordings of each Live Session

You will receive a recording of each course session so if you miss a live session or wish to listen to it again you can. These recordings can be a wonderful tool to deepen your integration of the teachings.

Private Facebook Group

Here you can engage and interact, and share your stories and insights with each other. Please log on, introduce yourself and engage with one another. It's more than a course – It's a community!

Custom Course Website

The course site houses all of your course materials and gives you access to the video recordings and course documents. You’ll have Lifetime Access to the course site, so you can easily go back and access any of the materials and the videos as often as you’d like.

Course Payment Details

The ReCreate YourSelf course is for the amazing low price of $297.

To waive the processing fee, you can opt to pay by check. Please make it out to Jan Engels-Smith 832 SW Wilson Court Gresham OR 97080.

For additional details please contact [email protected].

We accept cards via Stripe and PayPal. Register below to get started!

This is an on-demand course. After purchase, you have unlimited access for your own use.

You will be notified each time the 7-week online live Q&A sessions are scheduled.

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is the only school that offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level degrees. For more information, click here.

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What Our Community Members Say...

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Your course was incredible!!! I’m 64 and had lost hope of ever discovering my true,

authentic self and being able to let go of the binds that tied me. I’ve read soooo many self-help books, tried talk therapy, support groups, acupuncture, hypnosis and other other (supposedly) “life-changing” courses all with no significant measure of success. I thought I would try Just One More Thing. This course was EXACTLY what I needed!!!  Every exercise was positively intense and surprising. I have gained insight into my personality, talents and the journey my soul has been on. My goals and dreams have been re-directed to a path and purpose that truly fits me. I feel a strength, power and determination I have never experienced before and I am excited to pursue life in ways I will thrive, rather than just survive. I see my future self as an amazingly significant being with a bright, shining spirit that can influence and enhance others lives. I exited the workshop as a different person - full of that I could not ever have imagined before the Magic infused with me :-)

Julie Garland

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Thank you so much for making courses available to us!!!! They are awesome, amazing and words I don't even know yet. My world has opened up…and I am seeing things from many different perspectives, avenues and opportunities!!! All with extreme love and light. What an amazing, authentic course this is. I appreciate you! Love, light and hugs,

Melanie  Monge

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While living in Portland I was fortunate enough to study extensively with Lightsong, which changed my life, and I hold Jan and Karen in highest esteem. I now live quite some distance away and was excited to hear about their plans to bring their knowledge and teachings through this highly accessible format. The concepts are presented in a clear and easily digestible format and there is a wealth of additional reference material and fun exercises. Whether you are a seasoned energy worker or approaching this realm for the first time, this course has the potential to be life changing. Leap in!!

Xoxo Sarah Severn

About the Course Teachers

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Jan Engels-Smith MEd, ShD, LPC

The beginnings of my connection with shamanism and energy medicine began years before I even knew what a shaman was. My husband and I were living in Dallas, Texas with three small children and I had an active practice as a professional counselor. The experience that changed all that was an apparition I had of an old Native-American woman who materialized in my living room. I walked into my living room and she was standing there. I was shocked! When I approached her and asked who she was, she replied:

I am you,

I am your mother,

I am your sister,

I am your grandmother,

I am the Earth.

She had gray hair pulled back tightly in a bun, and her skin was wrinkled and weathered by life. She was wrapped in a wool blanket, smoking a pipe. She asked if I wanted to join in the sisterhood, but warned me that my life would be forever changed. I was scared, perplexed and alarmed at her presence, but a crow outside my living room window kept cawing and with each caw I heard the word “trust.” I nodded my head and replied, “Yes.”

I remember being extremely nervous, but there was a peculiar kind of strength surrounding and supporting me. She handed me the pipe and we smoked it together, passing it back and forth. When we finished, she spoke again. “Your guidance will be provided. Your medicine that you carry is North: Wisdom, Healing, and Love. Begin now to learn to understand the Ways.” I turned away, responding to a sound behind me, and when I turned back, the old woman was gone. 

The apparition left me bewildered, confused and concerned for my own mental health. The vision, coupled with my experiences of working in a psych ward, had me doubting what I thought of as reality. My friends, family and Sunday school class thought that the stress of my work was affecting me, and reacted to my story with concern for my mental state. Longtime friends deserted me and I began to feel isolated, judged, and unheard. The more I tried to defend and explain my experience, the crazier I sounded. My life as I knew it unraveled.

With the support of my husband, and after a series of serendipitous experiences, I ended up in Portland Oregon. I graduated from the Foundation of Shamanic studies and was adopted into a Lakota Sioux family and began the practice of energy medicine. This was the beginning of the re-creation of my life.

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Karen Hefner, MS, MA, ShD

I spent my early years searching for that elusive mysterious reason for being here, the deeper meaning in life. I explored many different religions and cultures, finding commonalities and truths buried under layers of doctrine that did not work for me.

I spent my 30s practicing in a more indigenous way—and becoming involved in groups who honored life and the earth by participating in Pagan and Wiccan rituals and ceremonies, connecting deeply with Nature and the natural world.

As I approached my 40th year, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and my life took a sharp turn into the very personal questions and experiences of life, my own mortality and how to regain my physical health.

During my cancer journey, I discovered many different healing modalities in addition to the allopathic recommendations of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I experienced first-hand what energy medicine, in its many forms—Chinese medicine, Reiki, and shamanic healing—have to offer those seeking wholeness.

That was twenty years ago, and my healing path led me to this place of teaching, practicing, and living with an understanding of energy and spirituality that opens the doors to our innate power, the power within us that we each have access to, the truth of who we are.

I am devoted to sharing these principles and practices with others and have dedicated my life to be in service.

I hope you will join Jan and me on the journey to discover the essential laws of energy medicine that allow you to live in abiding joy, fully grounded and present to your vibrant self.


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