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As you are aware, our world is undergoing a radical transformation. As a healer, I am inundated with distress calls from people who are attempting to manage the extreme losses that feel all-encompassing in many people’s lives. People are crying out for change: change in the world, in the economy, in the environment and mostly in their own personal situations. What I have found is, developing a different perspective about yourself and about what is happening will catapult you into an arena of energetic immunity, health, and well being.

My goal, along with my colleague Karen Hefner, is to offer a service to help you during these times. We are here to give you a perspective that will empower you beyond your wildest imagination. This testimonial says it all:

I went from devastation and contemplating leaving the Earth, to a place of gratitude, empowerment, and excitement about my new life. Words do not express the thankfulness I hold for the material in this course and how it has changed my life. Actually given me life!   ~ Betta Horn

The call for deep inner work is the absolute answer in how to manage your life in a powerful and empowered way in today’s world.

There is no better time to engage in this material and empower yourself. Do you feel this call in your life right now? The call to be connected to a greater version of yourself, which leads to the desire to have the confidence to live life to the fullest.

In a meditation, Jan received information that every person born has the full capacity to heal and change the world. This insight came from the part of her that is the Quantum Human aspect of herself.

It has nothing to do with activism or being on the frontlines of leading others for change. It has to do with discovering the hidden superpowers that have laid dormant inside each of us, ready to be revealed. This journey of recreation is an internal process which leads to shifts in our own lives and in humanity as a whole.

In that same meditation, Jan asked to see who she truly is…   

What she was shown appeared as an energy system, with no physical body, and lacking the human identifiers and characteristics you would expect to see that relate to one’s self.

Instead, she witnessed herself as patterns of light, sound and color that were not related to anything she had experienced before in this world. There was no body, only light and movement.

This is being a Quantum Human!

This transformational event changed Jan’s understanding of what it means to be human. It also influenced her approach to self-growth and self-actualization.

We created this offering to help people to access their unlimited self… their quantum self.

So please join us for this online course with a weekly, live Q&A component, as we explore together how to:

  • Shift into an evolved perspective of who you actually are
  • Let go of the limitations that have bound you into smallness
  • Embody your magnificence and experience abiding joy

The energy generated with this shift creates a quantum frequency field that is available to all that tap into it. There are extraordinary possibilities put into motion! Let's capitalize on this together.

Join people from all over the world and discover the possibilities and potentials of ReCreating YourSelf as a Quantum Human.


The weekly, live Q&A will begin on September 22nd at 11:00am PDT.

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"This material has given me a pathway back to myself, to discovering the magic in me, in humanity, in Nature, in the everyday moment."
Tracy McFarland
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Thank you for helping me to remember how to live in my song (my authentic self) and shine with my heart of gold that I came here to share with the world. 💛
Kat Park
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I want to thank you for the information and your time. It is exactly what I have been looking for! I feel completely at peace and much more of MYSELF then I have felt in a long time. With no worries or anxiety AT ALL.
Skyler Whalon
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I cannot thank you enough for being a guiding light in these courses. I learn so much about the world and myself each time. 
Love and gratitude,
Judi Maxey

Jan Engels-Smith MEd, ShD, LPC is an author, Shamanic Practitioner, Licensed Professional Counselor, Chemical Dependency Specialist, Hypnotherapist, and a Reiki Master. 

Through decades of experience in science, education, psychotherapy, shamanism, and energy medicine, she has mastered the art of transformation and well being. Jan is a leading expert in her field, and has personally performed the shamanic healing method of soul retrieval over 3500 times. 

Jan’s groundbreaking work is on the leading edge of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine. Her work has gained the attention of experts in the field of Quantum Science. 

Jan’s work is impeccable. You can connect with Jan via books, classes, webinars, online courses, podcasts, and interviews, in which she will teach you and you will receive healing.

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Karen Hefner, MS, MA, ShD is an Associate Teacher at LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism, a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Life Coach, an Angelic Guidance Counselor® and a  F.I.R.E.walk Facilitator. 

Karen is a master teacher. She is also a writer, minister, cancer survivor, mother, and grandmother.

Karen has been studying, experiencing, and practicing alternative modes of healing and shamanism for decades. She founded Igniting Spirit in 2008 and has dedicated herself to being in service as a catalyst for personal growth, expansion and healing.

Deeply invested in the areas of healing and personal growth, Karen gently guides people toward their own innate health and happiness. Her intention is to assist clients and students in finding their soul’s path, their true self, their source of power and freedom. 

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